Cover Wars: Alice in Wonderland

The Book Wars


Join us in judging books by their covers! This week’s cover wars will follow the same format as last week’s: instead of many books, we’ll look at many covers of the same books and assess them based on how well or poorly they represent the story, and which aspect of the characters or plot are emphasized. Happy reading!

Alice 1

Steph: I kinda like it. I’m not sure about all the blank space, I mean, it’s a very plain cover for such a riotous book full of action and colour and mischief. I like the illustration of the rabbit, and I suppose the “white rabbit” could account for the blankness of the cover… and now I’m think Tabula Rasa and wondering if there is a connection to the White Rabbit there, but I think that’s for an essay and not for a cover judgement. I kind of wish that Wonderland were highlighted…

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