KITCHEN: Proving Ground for the Modern Man

‘Men cook to show off for an admiring crowd or simply for the pleasure of it. Women cook because they are expected to and because people around them have to eat.’

Men have been wandering into the kitchen with a sense of distinct purpose lately and not just to make tea and prepare bowls of cereals. What once used to be a dominant feminine area, with technology and gadgetry marketed to simplify and ease the drudgery of cooking, is now a masculine proving ground with all manner of gear, gadgets and hardware. Cooking shows, which also used to be dominated by chatty housewives offering daytime companionship and a plethora of time-saving kitchen tips and tricks have been replaced by firebrand chefs and godlike figures like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey with Hummer-sized egos, creating and promoting culinary challenges more than ease of use. The kitchen is officially a battleground for the hearts and minds of modern men, offering adventure, achievement and triumph, as well as dinner for the hungry masses.

If you don’t know who Gordon Ramsey is, please drop dead!

Say what you will about this development, but I would like to think that it is an improvement upon the days where most men wouldn’t darken the kitchen door except to pass through to gain quick access to the backyard. In the last 10 years, the average amount of time men spend cooking has tripled. I happen to be one of those enterprising home chefs, although to a far lesser degree than many.

This phenomenon has been the source of amusement for many, a means of culinary pleasure for some, and just over a few years, has become the object of disdain for a few cultural critics that find men in the kitchen to be downright obnoxious. Most women with feminism right up their noses sees this newly cultivated interest as part liberation and partly an affront to all that women is.


(Bonus – Brew and Brownie Cafe in York makes the Best Pancakes)


I spent a fair share of my weekend in the kitchen much to the frustration of my maid who, to my irritation, kept on instructing me from behind on how to use different utensils. My theory is that if it serves the purpose, there is nothing wrong with it. After following the instructions of a web video on how to make pancakes, and giving birth to several deformed ones, I managed to make a few fluffy ones which, of course, I did not eat giving the fact that it tasted like feet. My maid then spent overtime cooking a meal for me.

Is it true then, that men cook to show off for an admiring crowd or simply for the pleasure of it. Women cook because they are expected to and because people around them have to eat?

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