Card Game Dev – Many Days Later

In my earlier post, I attempted to figure out what a card was actually worth – I gave this value the ever-elusive X. And despite my best efforts folks, this still remains unsolved.

Suppose you have 2 resources, and 5 cards in hand which don’t require any resources. This means that you can play all 5 cards. When the cards in your hand require 1 resource each, then you get to play 2 cards. When the cards require 2 resource, then you get to play 1 card.

Ideally, the value of playing 5 cards (no resource) should equal to playing 2 cards (requiring 1 resource each) should equal to playing 1 card (requiring 2 resource). That’s what I set out to do that weekend and after a bit of math, got X to be 0.4.

Now though when I look back, this is not entirely correct – when you play 5 cards requiring no resource you deal the same damage as someone who played 1 two resource card. But the player who played 5 cards get to fill up his hand by 5 and still has two resources left to use, where as the player who played 1 card gets to fill up his hand by 1 and no resource.

This mechanic was flawed and broke the earlier game that I had developed. Besides, this value had nothing to do with how the game really went – because the cards themselves break the ebb and flow of dominance of each player.

So went back to the drawing board and made another game from scratch. This time, employing straight forward set-collection mechanics with easy to understand p-and-c math.

The game that I am developing now is called Test of Faith. You as a player go about amassing as many followers as you can. The first player to have 7 followers win.

For each follower to become yours, you need to complete a set of prayer requirements. Each follower has three prayer requirement. The many prayer cards available are – red, blue and green. The requirements will be a combination out of these.

Pretty straight forward, but what makes the game complex are the many spell cards that come into play. There are 14 of them – cards that will steal your opponents follower, protect your own, have an opponent’s faith tested, improve on prayer cards, stop a certain prayer card from being collected etc.

The game is up for play-testing. If you’d like to help play-test, let me know here.

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